Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ready To Go

We are spending our last night in CT before starting our journey. That means we are camping on air mattresses and have no internet, so I am writing this from my phone. If it works well, I will be doing it this way on the road.

Today the whole gang got hair cuts, and we spent time in the fog at the play ground before heading to our favorite family restaurant, Paul's Pasta, for dinner. We have been eating there since the LT was a cadet, and they have seen the kids grow over our time here. Going in tonight for the last time made me realize how much we are going to miss our home here and everything that has become so familiar to us.

The car is half loaded and will be finished up in the morning. Then it's on to the airport to pick up the LT's mom (aka The Nana), who has requested to make the cross-country adventure with us. We are so glad to have her along, both for her company and having an extra pair of hands to help out with driving and kid meltdowns.  First stop, Pennsylvania!

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