Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day Two: CT to AK

States Traveled: PA, OH (stopped in Perrysburg, outside of Toledo)
Weather: High Temp: 76       Low Temp: 61         Sun and clouds, but no rain

Today was a pretty uneventful day.  We took our time getting the car re-packed and had breakfast at our hotel before hitting the road.  Even moving a leisurely pace, we still left at 7:30 since Little Man wakes up so early (6am!).  Trying not to thing about the time zone changes coming up, meaning that he will be waking even earlier!

We had a picnic at a rest stop in PA for lunch and arrived at our hotel in Perrysburg around 4:15.  The kids watched DVDs most of the day, and everyone is doing well so far.  I didn't expect a chorus of, "Are we there yet" this early on, but the little guy is definitely not old enough to understand how long 16 days actually is.

Tomorrow we only have a 4-hour drive to Chicago, where we plan to wander around for the afternoon and evening (and eat some pizza!).

Editing in to add: After dinner at Cracker Barrel tonight, The Nana and The LT decided to run in to a liquor store for a bottle of wine and emerged with a full box of assorted bottles.  Guess that even though the past two days have been relatively smooth, they are preparing for the chance that it could get worse.  Much worse.  Let's just say that a certain 3-year-old boy definitely has the potential to make some of us a little crazy.  Now we have to shove all of the bottles into the already overflowing car...and make sure they are all emptied before we cross into Canada next week!

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