Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Few of Our Favorite Things, CT Edition (#1)

If the countdown wasn't on before, it is now!  We have 26 days until we hit the road.  It's time to revisit our favorite local spots one (or two or three) last time.  Today we gave the kids free reign over our morning activity.  They chose to go "boat floating" at a local nature preserve that we love.  Dad dons his Xtra Tuffs and waits downstream while the kids toss their little boats (dollar Wal-Mart specials that are easily replaced) off a wooden bridge.  Dad then scrambles over the rocky shore to intercept the boats before they are washed away.  It is really more of an agility test for him, and a chance to "accidentally" get muddy for the kids.  Usually this is a no-moms-allowed activity, but I managed to tag along today to document the process.

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