Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall in Homer

Signs of fall are everywhere in Homer, and winter is not far behind.  We have been keeping busy with the school routine, have survived our first bout of kindergarten strep, and are relishing weekends when we don't have to get up and go in the morning.  The LT is out having adventures of his own, collecting souvenirs along the way- in the form of caribou and rockfish, and hopefully some Japanese glass floats.  He also recently competed in his first triathlon right after hitting the big 3-0, coming in a respectable 10th place out of 40 competitors (and beating out his fellow racers from the ship, which was most important).

Our days are quickly becoming shorter.  Three months ago we never saw the sun rise or set, and now we get the treat of watching both every day.

Today's sunrise
Sunset a couple of weeks ago

We have been pleasantly surprised to find that we didn't leave the colors of fall behind in Connecticut. The trees here are turning a beautiful yellow, and the hillside glows in the sunshine.  I haven't been able to capture it in a photo, but I'll keep trying!  

The Little Man and I have been making the most of our mornings together.  His preschool unexpectedly added the option of attending a third morning each week.  He loves school, so we signed him up.  It's odd to be kid-free three mornings per week.  I volunteer in kindergarten, helping with writing, one of those mornings.  So far I have been using the other two to go for a run and get in some cleaning.  I can get a lot done in this small town with 2.5 hours on my own!

Last Sunday the termination dust made its appearance on the mountains across the bay.  That means winter is not far off.  I have been left with the fun job of acquiring studded tires for the car and will be getting them put on in another week or so.  Next month we are being hosted by the Alyeska Resort, 40 miles this side of Anchorage.  We're looking forward to some quiet family time before winter sets in.  And since it's so close to Anchorage, I think we will finally make it to "the city."  I am a little too excited to finally get to visit Target.  And maybe even a mall.  I may be in culture shock!

First dusting of snow

Monday, September 5, 2011

Planking at the Glacier

Have you heard of "planking?" Yeah, neither had we, until recently.  Apparently it is a new internet sensation that we were not hip to.  We were asked by trekaroo to send in a photo of the kids planking at a summer vacation destination.  They made the first photo of the trekaroo blog entry on the subject with their pic in front of Exit Glacier.  They thought it was really silly when we staged this photo...but I can see how the fad could catch on in our house!