Friday, May 27, 2011

Day One CT to AK

States covered: CT, RI (airport run to get The Nana), CT, NY, PA
Weather: High temp: 90     Low Temp: 62       Partly cloudy

This is LT for the first post of the trip.The first day went well. We picked Nana up in RI and drove to PA. We stopped for lunch at a gas station in western CT. Good trip so far with only a small amout of “are we to AK yet?"  This is the princess, who passed out right before we got to the hotel.

~This is the Mama editing in to add a few more photos.  Looks like we need to give the LT a lesson on how to use his new phone camera...sorry the above photo is upside down...I promise we don't have her buckled in the car that way!
We may have overestimated the amount of stuff the car can hold...and have filled every available space.  Maybe I shouldn't have packed every short-sleeved shirt I own just because they would all fit in my bag...

The troops getting The Nana at the airport

Tomorrow we are headed to Ohio.  We will have about 7 hours of driving.  As I type this, the the kids and I are all in the hotel room while The Nana and The LT have escaped to the hotel restaurant so they don't disturb the kids while they are trying ot go to sleep.  Okay, maybe "trying to get to sleep" is not the right phrase.  Maybe "making elephant noises and trying to cause trouble from their beds" is a more accurate description.  This having everyone in one room at night has the potential to get old really fast.  Good thing we have some extended-stay hotels booked soon with separate bedrooms!


Jill said...

Sounds like you're well on your way! I'm a big advocate of the "suite" rooms; definitely saved our sanity on our long drives to MI. Here's to a great day 2!

Joe said...



WOW , great job with the camera LT
. Just were does the dog spend the day ??

How about the weather ??