Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 4: The longest driving day on our route

States Traveled: IL, WI, MN, SD
Weather:  High Temp: 90        Low Temp: 73          Sunny and very windy

Today was the longest drive that we have on our itinerary.  We traveled 570 miles in about 10 hours, and everyone did surprisingly well.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though, because when we have driven to FL from CT we usually cover about 600 miles in a day.  We were sad to leave Chicago and wish we had planned more time there.  Now we know where to stop next time!  The beginning of our drive today, thorugh IL and part of WI, was relatively boring with not much interesting scenery.  The Wisconsin Dells (which is national waterpark central, I had no idea) had a few nice rock formations.  After that came the Mississippi River, which looked to be bursting over its banks.  The rest of Minnesota was mostly flat and full of farms.  We stopped at a rest area for lunch (which happened to have a playground!) and were nearly blown over by the wind.  We thought it may be due to an approaching storm, but as soon as we got back on the road we came upon several wind farms, with windmills as far as the eye could see.  Guess that means wind is a common occurance!

Tonight we are enjoying an extended-stay hotel suite with a separate bedroom, plus a free laundry area.  There are tornado watches and storms headed our way, so we will be sticking close to "home."

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's drive, as we will end up in Wyoming.  I remember some of the most colorful scenery from our last cross-country journey being there.  After that, it's on to Yellowstone!
Be sure to revisit the Chicago post...I added some more photos.

In the Wisconsin Dells

The Mississippi River, at the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota

Wind farm in Minnesota

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