Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Few of Our Favorite Things, CT Edition (#3)

We managed to squeeze two of our favorite places into one sunny morning (double bonus, because now the kids are napping soundly so I can write this!).  First Bluff Point, and then Alice Acres Farm Market and Greenhouses.  We have been visiting Alice Acres each summer and fall for a few years now (far back enough that our now-5-year-old nicknamed it the "mooie" farm since that was her 18-month-old way of saying "cow").  Farmer Jean knows us well, and Farmer Pete (the owner) always stops to chat with us about his animals and his time spent years ago as an Alaskan fisherman.  Today we were lucky enough to receive golden coins from Farmer Pete good for a free ice cream at the attached shop, Cows and Cones.  Guess that means we get to go back for another visit before we move!

We love going to Alice Acres to wander.  Farmer Pete keeps cows, chickens (with a rouge duck who has moved in- aptly named "Chickaduck" by the kids), sheep, pigs, and a rabbit.  He allows the public to visit freely with his animals, which is why we like to visit so often.  The grounds are beautiful, and it's a great place to run out some extra energy.  I also love wandering through the five greenhouses brimming with flowering plants, veggies, and herbs.  The greenhouses seem to be more full this year than I remember from the past few seasons.  It is so hard to resist buying any plants this year--but since we won't have time to see them grow, it doesn't make much sense.  We will really miss this place!

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