Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Few of Our Favorite Things, CT Edition (#2)

Since The LT was out of town for Mothers' Day, the munchkins and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful morning by visiting a couple of our favorite places.  One frequent request is to go to the "beach park" and throw rocks in the water.  That's our name for Bluff Point in Groton.  Being from Florida where nearly all beaches are free (and sandy) aside from putting a few quarters in the parking meters, we never quite adjusted to the beaches in Connecticut that require a per-person or per-car daily use fee.  We quickly discovered Bluff Point, and go there often.  It's not a great place for swimming, but we don't ever intend to swim at beaches up here anyway...the water is too cold year round for anyone in our family except the dog.

Bluff Point offers plenty of entertainment, aside from the rock-throwing.  It's adjacent to a small airport, so the kids enjoy a couple of take-offs or landings while we are there.  It has a great trail system that I like to run, and it is also frequented by plenty of dog-walkers and equestrians, giving the kids even more to get excited about.  Completing the 1.5 mile trek out to the point rewards you with spectacular views of the New London Ledge Light, Long Island Sound, and plenty of ferry boat traffic.

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