Sunday, June 30, 2013

AK to CA: Day 10

Portland, OR

We spent an extra day in Portland, mainly because The Nana loves Oregon wines.  She arranged a tour for herself and Mike to visit their favorite wineries, and the kid and I planned to go to the zoo.  But it was just too hot for our Alaskan blood.  Luckily, the Portland Children's Museum is right next to the zoo, so we opted for indoor entertainment instead.  The kids had a blast spending the morning exploring.

Not big enough to incubate dinosaur eggs...

The water room...the highlight of the day

We need to get a retro Lite Brite!

Next we had to make a trip to Target for cooler clothing.  Little Man only had one pair of shorts.  It's near 90 degrees again today.  The kids were especially excited to get their first pair of flip flops.  Yes, their first!  Not safe or practical in Alaska, and they were too young to wear them before that.

Here's a bit from The Nana about the winery adventure:

Mike and Nana had an incredible day in wine country. We  ventured out with NW wine tours at 10am and were very impressed. We toured Priva, a small private vineyard....Sinnean, Bergstrom and Domaine Druhin..all personal favorites. Also Tristeatum, a wine/art gallery. It was educational and so much fun. We were so lucky to meet some of the wine makers who create the wines we love. As one of the wine makers stated," making wine and sharing wine is a very Happy thing. You won't find any grumpy people around here!" Very well was awesome!

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