Friday, June 21, 2013

AK to CA: Day 1

Homer to Anchorage, AK

Today was our shortest drive but most likely the toughest day. We had both vehicles since we are shipping the second tomorrow morning from Anchorage. Drives are extra long without a front seat passenger. 

First, there was a promotion! Congrats to our new Liuetenant Commander. 

Then we had to say goodbye to Homer. But we didn't really say goodbye. Just see you later. I even left about 8 bucks on my K-Bay Caffe account (whoever gets there first can have a mocha on me!). I wanted to stop at the Baycrest overlook to take in the view one last time, but I was afraid I'd turn around and go back to town. 

Our drive was easy and sunny. We stopped at our usual places, including Cooper Landing. 

We are staying at the lodging at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson. A 3 bed/2 bath unit for 80 bucks...can't beat that! We have already overdosed on city life. Olive Garden, Target, and Kohl's in one evening may have been a bit much. 

The Nana is en route, and we will spend tomorrow grocery shopping for our journey and getting in our last Anchorage favorites. 

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Uncle B & Auntie N said...

Congrats LCDR Mikey!! Good luck on your quest Newells!!!!!!