Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day #6: Yellowstone!

States traveled: WY, MT, WY
Weather: high temp 76     low temp 50,  sunny enough that I managed to get a sun burn!

I will do short post now from my phone and one with our photos when we get to Calgary as we have wifi but it is too slow to load images from my camera.

Today we had to take the long route to the north entrance of Yellowstone as the closer one is closed due to unstable snow. We found a beautiful picnic spot for lunch outside of the park on the Yellowstone River, and spent the afternoon exploring the terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs. Tomorrow we are going to wander the rest of the park. The weather is expected to be much cooler and rainy with the possibility of a little snow. The park is strangely empty for the beginning of summer because of the unusually wet weather they have been having. All the better for us!

We have already seen lots of wildlife: vision, antelope, sheep, a bull snake, and tons of elk.  We even witnessed an angry mama elk trying to protect a baby that she had hidden away. The park rangers shut off the parking area at the hour springs and took the time to explain the habits of elk cows to us.  The kids learned how the mama always protects her young, and also to not feed wild animals (which apparently is what started the incident).

More later! Off to enjoy the mountain sunset from the porch of our cabin.

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