Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day #14: Alaska Highway Part 3

Traveled Yukon Territory and ALASKA!!

High temp: 55         Low temp: 39        rain and clouds

We are so excited to report that we have made it to Alaska!!  Our day today was much better than yesterday.  Everyone was in good spirits and we were on the road with baked goods in hand (mmm, whole-wheat cranberry coconut scone!) by 7:45.  There was a bit of construction along the way and way more than just a bit of road that really needs construction.  We felt like we were on an old-fashined rollercoaster at times, with the occasional "Wheee!" coming from the third row seat.

We intended to get a family photo by the "Welcome to Alaska" sign, but both kids were asleep when we got to it, and it was raining.  Of course the kids both woke up at the Customs station 10 minutes down the road.  It feels great to be back in the US.  Our cell phones are usable again, and we even get 3G internet service on them tonight.  We are in Tok at the Caribou Cabins.  There is a whirlpool tub and a loft for the kids to sleep in.  The dog and kids have been enjoying the grounds, which are well off the main road.

Tomorrow we are off to Anchorage to pick up the CR-V (yay for an extra car- that means some shopping before heading to Homer!) and eat at the Glacier Brewhouse before heading home on Saturday.  The end is in sight!


Nick Young said...

What cell provider do you use? I have at&t and didn't get 3G in Tok :(

The Mama said...

We have Verizon and had great coverage for most of the trip. We even get 3G in Homer!