Monday, June 6, 2011

Day #11: Another Day, Another Mishap...but nothing we can't handle!

Traveled Alberta and British Columbia
Weather: High temp: 68        Low Temp: 53       mostly sunny with a thunderstorm in BC this evening

Today's drive was all on a 2-lane road through logging areas of Alberta.  It seemed endless, even though it was one of our shorter days in the car.  We did see bighorn sheep before getting too far from Jasper.  They were licking hte salt off of the road, so it was a good thing that on oncoming car warned us to slow down by flashing their headlights!

A few hours into the drive, a passing big rig threw a large rock right at the side of our windshield.  It caused quite a bit of damage, with the cracks growing longer as we drove.  Luckily, our car insurance is with USAA and they are fantastic.  Within minutes of calling them, they were able to arrange for the local glass shop in Homer to order a windshield (it will take 4 days to arrive) and make an appointment to have it repaired after we get there.  In true Alaskan fashion, we could have the repair made on Monday, but it is the owner's birthday so he isn't working- Tuesday it is!  The shop owner also told me to tape up the cracks to keep them from getting larger and to keep the water if you see the Pilot with the packing tape all over the windshield, that's us!

We arrived in Dawson Creek much earlier than expected, partially due to crossing another time zone.  We are now on Pacific Time...only one zone ahead of Alaska!  We walked a bit in town, found the historical Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway, and had dinner.  Tomorrow it's on to another of our favorite stops- Muncho Lake!

This describes our trip perfectly!

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