Saturday, February 1, 2014

First day at the new job

Yesterday was the big day.  While I was really disappointed to have to miss it, I just couldn't get us moved from California quickly enough. Six weeks is not enough time to complete an overseas screening, arrange the move of household goods, and find a good point to pull the kids out of school mid-year, not to mention the week it takes to actually travel from Alameda to Sitka via car and ferry.  Luckily, the local media did a nice job making me feel almost like I was there.

Here are a few links:

Coast Guard press release
Sitka Sentinel

And my favorite, because it's the one with the most complete and accurate story (and some great photos).

Raven Radio

Photo from
Meanwhile, we managed to get the movers to finish up late on the third day of packing rather than adding on a fourth.  Thank goodness.  Supervising a house full of strangers packing my stuff is my least favorite part, although we are very lucky to not have to pack and move everything ourselves! Today's agenda included a trip to the store for new air mattresses, as both kids woke up on deflated beds this morning.  They have done so well through all of this craziness, I felt terrible when I saw the half-inflated heaps of well-used air mattress.

So, we continue to camp out here in CA for another 7 school days (yes, we are counting down!) while our household goods get a head start to AK.  Thanks to FaceTime and iPhones (how did people manage these crazy moves without all this technology?!), we have "walked" through our new home and yard. Our unaccompanied baggage was delivered today (we have chairs and a table at the house now), the kids are signed up at school, and utilities and internet are turned on.  Are we there yet??

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