Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CA to AK, day 1

Today we began our journey back north to Alaska. First we had to pack everything in and on top of the car, which counted as our morning workout. We aren't used to making road trips without our Master Car Packer, which was evident to each neighbor walking by with their dog while The Nana was sitting on top of the roof box while I tried to get it to lock. 

Two hours later, we were finally on our way, with zero space left in the car. We made our way to Roseburg, OR. It rained about 3/4 of the day, and we were surprised to find how ignorant we were of Northern California geography. The entire I-5 corridor from Sacramento to Oregon winds up, down, and through mountains. I'm sure it's beautiful when you can see it without blinding spray from semi trucks. 

We were especially excited to arrive at our hotel--it includes actual beds and chairs. We have learned that sleeping on air mattresses for 12 days is cold in a house that doesn't hold heat when empty of furnishings. 

Tomorrow, it's on to Bellingham, WA, where we will catch the ferry Friday afternoon. We are thankful that we only have two days in the very-packed car this time around! 

This is the only scenic view we got a thru-the-window shot of, Lake Shasta in CA. 

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