Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy (belated) 221st Birthday to the US Coast Guard

August 4th is Coast Guard Day, and this year we celebrated in style by getting underway for the day on the USCGC HICKORY.  What a great opportunity for all of the families to experience what it's like onboard a hard-working 225-foot buoy tender.  We toured, we fished, we saw some killer whales.  Fun was had by all.

The mighty HICKORY, which is too large to fit in my camera's lens while in the harbor

View off the stern at the pier, with the buoy yard in the background

The last time we saw The LT in action on the bridge of an Alaskan buoy tender, he was a new Ensign.  Eight years later, we have come full-circle.

The XO with his proud kiddos

Did you know that Alaska Governor Sean Parnell recently declared August to be United States Coast Guard Appreciation Month?

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