Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adventure Girl Goes to Kindergarten!

The day after returning from our last big adventure of the summer (blog post on that to come later this week), Adventure Girl- or AG, it's shorter to type- went on a really big adventure of her own.  She started kindergarten today!  She was able to meet her teacher and see her classroom last week, so she was nothing but excited to get to school this morning.  Her mom, on the other hand, was surprisingly much more teary-eyed walking down the halls of big kid school than she thought she would be.  Not to worry, though, according to Little Man. "I will keep you company, Mom."  That crazy boy sure can be sweet when he wants to be!

We are really impressed with the elementary school here in Homer.  Not only does the classroom have its own computers and a Smart Board (kind of like a huge iPad on the wall that the kids use their fingers to manipulate), but the school still has PE, art, and even music.  TWICE a week!  That's an increasingly rare find with so many school budget issues across the country.

When we picked up AG this afternoon (after waking a very grumpy 3-year-old to get there on time), she was nothing but smiles and chatter.  She showed us the restroom on the way out, noting that suddenly she is no longer afraid of the loud sounds a public toilet makes (for those who know her, you know this is a huge deal), and that she can even operate the paper towel dispenser on her own.  She accomplished the mission I gave her at the beginning of the day- to make at least one new friend and remember her name- and also learned how to play wheelbarrow with said friend as an added bonus.  She brought home a drawing of the dog for the dog, pointing out that she forgot to give him ears.  Guess there's no turning back now...she loves school right from the start.  I think I may know where she got that from.

In true Homer fashion, it was raining on the first day of school.  Each child actually keeps a clean pair of shoes at school to change into on arrival every day.

"Okay, Mom, you can leave now."

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