Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Move: Arranged!

Wow!  We must be getting really good at this moving thing.  And I have decided that maybe I should become a travel agent or a realtor once the kids are a bit older, because I have quite a bit of experience with both areas.  This move has come together really quickly.

We found a house!  The first one we considered, actually.  And more importantly, we have lease paperwork signed and a deposit made.  You may remember the trouble we had the last time around, when we thought we had our housing set up but the homeowners backed out.  So this time, we knew not to count on anything until the paperwork was in our possession. We are really excited about our new place in Alameda.  It's three blocks from San Francisco Bay, in a fabulous neighborhood, and within biking distance to Coast Guard Island.  We have already talked about buying a Laser and teaching the kids to sail!

We also have most of our trip planned from here to there.  We are taking the ferry part of the way this time, for a change of pace.  We will drive three days to Haines, AK (but have to pass through Canada to get there!), take the ferry to Bellingham, WA (a 3-day journey), and then drive the rest of the way to Alameda.  We plan to stop in Seattle, the Oregon wine country, and some other fun destination yet to be determined.

We head out of Homer on June 20.  I'm afraid to count the days between now and then, because I know it's not all that many.  We plan to have our household goods sent ahead at the end of May, and have booked a little furnished vacation rental apartment in town for June.  The time is going to go by way too quickly, so now it's time to make the most of the days we have left here.

February of the things we will miss most about Homer

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