Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter on Halloween

It appears that fall is officially over in Homer.  We woke to our first snowfall on Halloween.  It has since melted and has been replaced with a windy wintery mix this evening, but left behind some very icy patches on driveways and walkways.  I now know why I needed studded tires!  I am very overdue on a few blog entries...a weekend at Alyeska, Adventure Girl's first report card, Halloween festivities, and more.  They are coming, I promise!  I have been a bit pre-occupied with my new pastime--sewing.  I signed myself up for a booth at a local craft fair the weekend of Thanksgiving, so I have been spending every free moment creating goods to sell.  Check out my Facebook page here and my Etsy shop here.  Here's a pic of the kids on Halloween to get you through to the next actual entry:

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