Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Incredible Journey

Incredible? Absolutely. But when you see it all outlined in front of you, the first word that may come to mind is "long"...or maybe even "crazy." We have spent many hours during the past few weeks planning out our 5000+ miles of quality family time in the car. After determining how many days it is going to take us (FIFTEEN), we set about planning the route based on places that we really want to visit along the way. Then came researching hotels that will fit all of us comfortably and allow Midas (the wonder dog) to accompany us. So here's an outline of what we came up with. And even more impressively, all of the hotels are already booked. That may sound like overkill in the pre-planning department, but when you are traveling the Alaskan Highway in the summer without pre-arranged hotel reservations, you very well could find yourself camping at the first available roadside turn-out.

Day 1: CT to Youngstown, OH (547 miles)- no significance to this location, just a good place to stop for the night.
Day 2: Chicago (403 miles)- We have never been here and it's the only major city on the route. I foresee pizza for dinner this night!
Day 3: Sioux Falls, SD (573 miles)
Day 4: Gillette, WY (486 miles)
Day 5: Yellowstone National Park (355 miles)- we have been here before and can't wait to return!
Day 6: Extra day in Yellowstone
Day 7: Calgary (595 miles)- This is our longest day of driving
Day 8: Jasper National Park (267 miles)- This will include driving from Banff to Jasper on the Icefields Parkway, a place that we discovered by accident on our last drive out of Alaska and want to return to explore.
Day 9: Extra day in Jasper
Day 10: Dawson Creek, BC (328 miles)- Dawson Creek is the start of the Alaska Highway!
Day 11: Muncho Lake, BC (431 miles)- One of the most beautiful spots to stop. We have visited here before.
Day 12: Whitehorse, YT (422 miles)- I hear there is a good brewery here...
Day 13: Tok, AK (387 miles)- Finally in Alaska!
Day 14: Anchorage, AK (318 miles)
Day 15: Homer, AK (222 miles)- Finally!

We welcome input on any of these places, or points of interest along the way! Just remember that we will have the dog with us, so we can't do a whole lot of indoor activities.

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Diane said...

I thought you missed Banff, but I saw it once I read past a skim. Looks like an absolutely wondrous trip. Enjoy!